This is just an update on the various things going on. You can see some additions to the right side of dailyhomilies.org. In addition to the lectionary project at readings.dailyhomilies.org, we also have the bible study at c2ci1y.dailyhomilies.org where people are reading the Bible cover to cover in one year, just 15 minutes a day. Last there is my blog, Sententiae Minores, where I post my comments on the news or politics or just whatever is crossing my mind that day. Somewhat like my writing here but less formal.

In other news, I have written the September homilies for Homiletic & Pastoral Review. A whole month ahead, but only the Sunday homilies. The same homilies will be posted here as each Sunday comes up. It was an interesting experience to have someone else edit my writing. There is something inside an author that becomes protective of every comma. They were not changed drastically, but when I post them here there will be little differences.

Also, please use the comment system. It is not even necessary to register in order to leave a comment. I am going to make the comment link larger so that it is more obvious where to do it. It is always helpful to hear what someone thinks of the homily, how they heard it, how it could be clearer, etc.

This summer I had whooping cough, and was generally inconsistent on posting homilies. Thanks to everyone who stuck with it. Back in May I said that I would start posting homilies 1 week ahead. I have started this with the daily readings at readings.dailyhomilies.org. So now that I am recovered, I will do the same here. I am somewhat torn because doing so means that those who get homilies delivered by email end up getting them in batches rather than each morning, but it will mean that the day's homily will always be up before the day starts and even available ahead of time for those who use them to prepare their own homilies. I am thinking about other ways to do this, but for now posting several at a time seems like the best option.

Thank you to everyone who has expressed their encouragement about this website. I began dailyhomilies.org 2 years ago just to have a place to put my homilies, and it has grown into a major site. I am glad that the homilies are helpful to so many people.